Why you should choose Academy Of Computers (AOC) ?

Training at AOC is designed in a very project oriented way. From the start of the course we keep in mind that the student should not only be given the conceptual or theoretical knowledge but also the practical knowledge. Not only this, a student is prepared to face the interview on the completion of the course by giving them interview handling tips as well.


Student Coordinator

Each education center has a student coordinator to whom student can approach in case of any query. Coordinator is always available to guide the student and see that queries are properly attended.


For the convenience of the students we provide the library facility in each centre so students can expand their knowledge by going through the different author’s books. Each centre of AOC has an exciting collection of reference books and students are encouraged to use them. Latest books, periodicals and magazines ore integral part of our library.

Computer Lab

The Computer Labs are designed in such a way that students can gain more practical knowledge and enhance their ability for logical development in problem solving. The additional advantage of E. P.T. (Extra Practical lime) facility helps students to gain Confidence.

Personality Development

Special sessions are arranged frequently for the students to equip them with slices of inter personal relationship. It also helps the students to develop confidence g improve their Time Management Skills.

Course Materials

On joining any course, the course material is provided by each centre. The course material has been developed by expert authors who hove 1 0+ years experience in developing courseware for training centers.

Placement Facility

The institute also contacts its talented students with various companies and also sends them for interviews as per the requirement of those companies.

Become Affiliate

Our organization is looking for people /institution/society/ NGO /Trust/Company who are interested in becoming our Study Center will open new entrance for you in the Profit Street for the singular reason that we have an experience of more than 4 years in this field.

What Our Students Say