The Academy of Computer (AOC) offers a range of computer courses including:

  1. CCA (Certificate in Computer Application)
  2. BCCA (Basic Certificate in Computer Application)
  3. DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)
  4. DFA (Diploma in Financial Accounting)
  5. ADCA (Advance Diploma in Computer Application)
  6. ADFA (Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting)
  7. CCG (Certificate in Computer Graphics)
  8. CHN (Computer Hardware and Networking)
  9. Tally
  10. CCCA (Certificate Course in Computerized Accountant)
  11. Certificate Course in Office Automation
  12. CCDEO (Certificate Course in Data Entry Operator)
  13. CCACA (Certificate Course in Advance Computerized Accountant)
  14. ADCIT (Advance Diploma in Computer Information Technology)
  15. Typing
  16. Type
  17. DTP (Desktop Publishing)
  18. DCH (Diploma in Computer Hardware)
  19. CCFA (Certificate Course in Financial Account)
  20. ACCA (Advance Certificate in Computer Application)
  21. COAGD (Certificate in Office Automation and Graphics Designing)
  22. PROG in C (Programming in C)
  23. Python
  24. AE (Advance Excel)
  25. PHP
  26. PHP with MySQL
  27. ADHN (Advance Diploma in Hardware and Networking)
  28. Java
  29. AutoCAD

Each of these courses offers students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in various aspects of computer science and technology. The curriculum for each course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and the ability to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.